Awesome Paws offers an all-inclusive professional grooming service.

We spend extra time and effort with your dog to ensure that a professional finish to your dogs coat is achieved. 

Grooming Service for dogs is an essential factor in your dogs health and well being. Your dog will benefit enormously from a regular grooming appointment. Regular Dog Grooming helps prevent problems such as excessive shedding, skin problems, grass seed penetration, overgrown nails and mats in your dog’s hair.  

Some dogs require a little more care

We take great care of grooming your older dogs which may be arthritic, deaf and semi-blind

Geraldine Kisielnicki

Geraldine is an experienced qualified Dog Groomer who is certified by “The Melbourne School of Dog Grooming” and approved by the Dog Grooming Association of Victoria Inc.
Geraldine has experience in handling dogs of all temperaments she is also qualified in dog obedience and agility training. Her focus is on your dog's health, safety, and comfort.

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